Winter Decor with Crane and Canopy

Happy happy first day of winter! I won't lie I'm not a little bummed that there isn't any snow on the ground in DC quite yet. But, I hear the polar vortex is returning so we're in for lots of it soon! I might be the only person who is excited for it. I love winter, nothing feels better than waking up to snow. 

With each changing season, I like to tweak my decor a little here and there. Bright colors for the warmer months and cozy whimsical trinkets for the color months. Decorating for winter is always super fun.


We do a TON of baking. My favorites are sugar cookies with sprinkles and peanut butter cookies. Our living room looks like someone obsessed with tartan threw up on it. I love it. Place a couple of favorite stories on the ottoman/ coffee table and curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and you've got the perfect cozy winter set up don't you think? 


When I discovered Crane and Canopy, I was inspired. They're an online based luxury home and bedding company based in San Francisco. Their website is full of cute prints and cozy items. Perfect for anyone on a decorating mission.

The neurotic type A planner in me likes to plan everything. So naturally I created a holiday decor board for my winter decor mission. Featuring some of my favorite home decor pieces from Crane and Canopy.

What are some of your winter decorating must haves?



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