About Madeeha

I'm Madeeha a twentysomething full time student (one day MD) and ER medic. I'm a Washington DC native born and bred in the district, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'm often found either working (12hr ER shifts woohoo), bottomless brunching, yelling at the TV (Go DC sports!) or, reading on the metro. 

I began blogging as a teenager in high school to share my opinions and passions with my peers. Blogging became a creative outlet in college and became the BEST thing for me providing the perfect platform to stretch my wings. Since then I've renamed and relaunched. 

Madeeha Syed by Madeeha Syed is about my life, my interests and, my journey throughout adulthood. I have no niche, I blog about whatever pleases me. I treat my blog as a dear friend and therefore my readers as well! Anything, I share with my best friend I also share on my blog. 

I'm excited to share my life with you as I navigate adulthood. I hope you stick around!